ZenTao a Project Management Software

Zentao is derived from Chinese words Zen and Tao which stands for religion and culture. Zentao is open source project management software, which combines product management, project management, document management, company management and quality management. It is software which covers all the processes of software development projects. It is practical and realistic software which is exceptionally easy to use. Along with it, Zentao is structured nicely and can be flexibly extended.

What is the design philosophy of Zentao Project Management Software?

ZenTao Project Management Software’s main design is based on Scrum, which is an agile management methodology. It is pragmatic and easy to operate, so it is the choice for fast development of software projects. Based on the philosophy of Scrum and current Research and Development status in China, ZenTao integrates bug management, test case management, release management and document management.

Why choose ZenTao Project Management System?

  • It is professional project management software which cannot be replaced by another other simple project management software.
  • It has full features, so there is no need to integrate several systems together.
  • It has open source code and flexible extension mechanism
  • It is robust and stable with good interface and user-friendly interaction
  • On time technical support and help
  • ZenTao supports various deployments, both private and cloud services.

What are the features of ZenTao Project Management Software?

  • Product management: It includes managing products, plans, releases, and roadmaps.
  • Project management: It includes managing projects, tasks, teams, and burn down charts.
  • Quality management: Quality management includes checking for bugs, test cases, and test results;
  • Document management: It includes managing product, project and customized document library.
  • Work management: It includes managing the list of to-do’s and other tasks such as my bugs, my story, and my projects
  • Organization management: It includes managing departments, users, and groups.
  • Report: Means handling various statistical reports

Functions of ZenTao Professional Version are:

  • Gantt Chart
  • Work Log
  • Calendar
  • Word import
  • GIT Integration
  • SVN Integration
  • LDAP Integration
  • Statistics Reports
  • Reports Export
  • Feedback Management
  • Crystal Reports

For technical support on Project Management Tools, you can reach out to us through official QQ from 9AM-5PM (during weekdays). You can visit http://www.zentao.net/ask/ to enter the Technical Q&A. For more details, feel free to connect with us at:

Email: Max@easysoft.ltd

Skype: Max.zhang



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